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Hello, this is beta version of diophantus. If you want to report about a mistake, please, write to hello@diophantus.org

On diophantus you can openly discuss academic papers. At the moment we support only arxiv.org.

Negative results

Help others to see dead-ends in research. The approach doesn't work? Save others' time, tell about it!

Connections to papers

Help others to see the connections with the results from other papers.


Share notes from a seminar or a talk on the relevant topic. Your notes can help others to understand material better.

Have a question?

Ask it where all the people interested in the paper are gathered!

Found a mistake?

Let the academic community know about a mistake in a paper you are reading.

Approve results

Checked someone's results, and they are correct? Share your confidence with the community.

Repeat experiments

If you conducted the same experiment as others, compare the results in a review.

Report flawed results

There is something off in a result or experiment? Show your concern.